Geography, pick-up artists, love, and brain chemistry

By Serge Kreutz

Pick-up artistry is inevitably shallow. It's for boys hitting town looking for an opportunity to screw a woman.

Apart from the woman not being a 15-minutes prostitute, pick-up artists typically aren't very selective. Pretty much any woman qualifies.

Pick-up artists don't have a mature sexuality, and they don't understand sexual economics.

All sexual relationships are best analysed with the tools of economic science.

Male access to the female body, more than the other way around, has a trade value. This doesn't mean that it would have to be traded for ad-hoc case-to-case financial remuneration. It may often be traded for commitment on the part of the man. "I am not a cheap woman. If you really want me, you have to marry me."

There are many factors that contribute to a person's sexual market value: looks, age, sexual freshness (on the part of women more than men), and simply money.

Fortunately, many parts of the world aren't as hypocritical as Western Europe or North America.

In other parts of the world, this is quite easily understood: Girls want money. If you can buy her a car, and a house, and send hee to university, she will be available to you.

If you give her an economically sound future, she may even love you (whatever this may be).

In geographic locations other than Western Europe and North America, the role that money plays in relationships of love and sex greatly simplifies matters for men who have enough of it.

Mind you, this is not about cash. Even if you make yourself lovable because you donate to charities that concern themselves with the plight of indigenous people, or abandoned dogs, your lovable quality is still tight to money. So, don't be so hypocritical.

That said, many girls and women in geographic locations other than Western Europe and North America do need banknotes. That doesn't make them prostitutes. Prostitutes are women with a lot of sexual experience (and possibly venereal diseases) who have sex for cash at a high frequency with customers whose only qualification is that they pay a small amount of money.

A schoolgirl with a rich sponsor is not a prostitute. She may have more than one sponsor, but she'll probably think first whether the person is acceptable in terms other than bills.

Because of their deliberate attitude (any woman qualifies as long as she can be picked up), it is obvious that pick-up artists don't understand sexual market value.

Furthermore, it appears that pick-up artists don't have a mature sexuality. A mature sexuality is selective. Because it's not the frequency of intercourse that is measured as sexual success, but the quality of the event.

Enormous bandwidth here. To qualify as great sex the event must be meaningful for both me and the female involved. Not something easily forgotten. Not by me, not by her. This condition excludes highly promiscuous women. It also excludes women for whom sex is a standard program which has been played same style thousands of times.

A certain degree of kinkiness is fine. It gives the event a memorable flavor. Yes, Japan is the world's sexually most literate country. European sex is so provincial. In terms of sexual risqué, even the Middle East ranks higher than contemporary Europe. Europe is so sauerkraut and fish and chips.

But while great sex ought to be situationally different from a standard setting, there is yet another dimension to it.

How much kick we get out of sexual events also depends on brain chemistry. And brain chemistry can be tuned with medications and pharmacologically active supplemental food.

Two components of human biochemistry are the key to sexual excitement: the hormone testosterone and the neurotransmitter dopamine. The two are interrelated in that higher dopamine also increases testosterone, and vice versa.

While testosterone modulation with herbals (tongkat ali, butea superba) can only be achieved over some time, the effect of dopamine modulation is felt immediately.

Cocaine and amphetamine or metamphetamine are famous dopaminergic street drug. All three are dopamine reuptake inhibitors. The physiological effect of dopamine reuptake inhibition is that dopamine accumulates in synaptic clefts and thus agitates postsynaptic neurons.

While dopamine reuptake inhibition has some effect on sexual excitement, the general agitation and restlessness caused by cocaine and amphetamines and their derivates make dopamine reuptake inhibition an awkward path for sexual enhancement.

Because the dopamine that accumulates in synaptic clefts causes vascular constriction like norephedrine, cocaine and amphetamines strongly interfere with genital function which requires vasodilation.

Conclusion: you can forget cocaine and amphetamines for sexual purposes.

While there are a number of Parkinson’s medications like lisuride and pergolide which enhance dopamine tone in the brain but have uncomfortable side effects, the best solution for increasing both testosterone and dopamine is a stack of tongkat ali, butea superba, mucuna pruriens, and kaempferia parviflora (see tongkat.us).

The effect of just one of these herbals taken alone may not be dramatic. But in combination, and generous quantities (these are foods, not drugs), they can definitely revive sexual excitability and pleasure.

They also make obsolete a lot of the philosophies which try to substitute sexual joy with rather esoteric explanations on the nature of human existence.

The original version of the article "Geography and love", written decades ago but much liked by Google, follows below.

What men and women consider attractive in the opposite sex always reflects, to a certain extent, common evaluations and assessments of the societies into which they are born.

In some countries, white Western men rank top on a scale of attractiveness. This is the case in a number of East African nations, as well as in the Philippines and Indonesia.

In some segments of the Japanese society (more than anywhere else), African men have an edge over European men (purely for sexual considerations). In Germany, men from the Caribbean have an amazingly easy time finding local girls.

It works the other way around, too. Very ordinary looking European woman will have an easy time finding an Indian husband, and he will bake in the prestige of having a European wife. Chinese as well as Thai men apparently gain prestige by having a white wife, just as do Filipinas with an American husband. What carries prestige also appears physically attractive.

You better dedicate some time to research before deciding on the best setting for your love life.

Often, it's a good idea to go somewhere where you are different. Blue eyes are considered very attractive and sexy in many places around the world, except maybe in Scandinavia and Russia, where they are an ordinary feature. To be different from the bulk of your competitors can give you an important edge. White Western men are considered more attractive than their local counterparts in many countries of the world.


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