Geography and love

What men and women consider attractive in the opposite sex always reflects, to a certain extent, common evaluations and assessments of the societies into which they are born. Their behavior is much less unique than they believe. It’s a behavior shaped by their environments and the traditions of a place. Even a woman’s taste in men, and their ideas of an ideal husband, are not really their own but properties and characteristics of their societies. Likewise, what men regard as beautiful in women often mirrors perceptions in their environment.

In some countries, white Western men rank top on a scale of attractiveness. This is the case in a number of East African nations, as well as in the Philippines and Indonesia.

In some segments of the Japanese society (more than anywhere else), African men have an edge over European men (purely for sexual considerations). In Germany, men from the Caribbean have an amazingly easy time finding local girls.

It works the other way around, too. Very ordinary looking European woman will have an easy time finding an Indian husband, and he will bake in the prestige of having a European wife. Chinese as well as Thai men apparently gain prestige by having a white wife, just as do Filipinas with an American husband. What carries prestige also appears physically attractive.

You better dedicate some time to research before deciding on the best setting for your love life.

Often, it’s a good idea to go somewhere where you are different. Blue eyes are considered very attractive and sexy in many places around the world, except maybe in Scandinavia and Russia, where they are an ordinary feature. To be different from the bulk of your competitors can give you an important edge.

White Western men are considered more attractive than their local counterparts in many countries of the world.

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